All About Restaurants

The word 'restaurant' has its origin in the French word 'restaurer' which literally means to restore or in this particular context, restore your health. They have been in existence since the 17th century and their popularity only seems to be getting better by the day. While their purpose remains the same, restaurants have undergone a sea change. From commercial kitchen deep cleaning to app based reservation, restaurants have come a long way from their early days.

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Wide variety on offer

One of the good things about the restaurants is there is a wide variety available to suit every budget. So, irrespective of whether you are a rich head honcho of a company or any other ordinary Joe on the street, you will find a restaurant serving your favorite delicacy.

Myriad reasons

Apart from eating there could be also other reasons for people visiting restaurants. For example, it could be a business lunch for many. A family may like to quietly celebrate an occasion over dinner in a restaurant. It could be also a romantic date. It could be a group of friends celebrating the birthday. The reasons are virtually endless.

Procedures to be followed

A restaurant is just like any other organization. Each one of them has its own set of rules and regulations that need to be followed by the employees. One of the first thing that any employee learns at a restaurant is that whatever maybe their mood, they cannot help but to smile at customers warmly. Similarly, it is a given that employees interact in a civilized manner at all times with their colleagues. Even if there were to be a dispute or difference of opinion there are a set standard on how the issue needs to be escalated to a senior. Employees are also not supposed to create any scene in the restaurant which may disrupt the smooth functioning of the restaurant.

Dealing with customer complaints

Employees in restaurants also need to follow certain procedures with respect to dealing with customer complaints. They are trained to deal with such situations in the most diplomatic manner possible. The manager would often step in such situations and try to resolve it in the quickest possible time.

Array of job roles

The hotel industry is one of the biggest employers globally. They provide employment to thousands of people around the world. Even in the hotel industry, the most number of job roles are perhaps available in the restaurants. Take for instance the kitchen. There is the Executive Chef who decides on the menu, as well as checking literally every aspect, right from whether the lights are not fused to checking the bathroom for cleanliness. Similarly, the corporate chief is all about catering and handling outdoor events. Preparing all those delicious items is the job of the Chef de cuisine. They are behind preparation of special dishes on different occasions too.

The role of a general manager

Along with those who are in-charge of the kitchen, there are the other job profiles too. Take the General Manager for example. They will oversee everything in the restaurant. They would also be responsible for the recruitment process too.